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"It’s impractical to think that just because money hasn’t been spent on a hospital or a school that it won’t benefit all of society. Research and development has a way of finding uses for things that were never intended". #scienceandtechnology #researchdevelopment

The Cost of Space

1st March 2019

Crypto M&A; #cryptocurrency #acquisitions #mergersacquisitionsdivestitures

Crypto M&A; Surges As Crypto Markets Crash

16th January 2019

A few things to consider before buying a business. #business #duediligence #businessplanning

Thinking to grow and expand your business?

16th January 2019

"Australia earns only $1.13 billion, or 0.53 per cent of ultimate value of its exported lithium ore" - Should we be taking a bigger slice of the pie?

Australia has a 'once in a generation opportunity' to become a major battery hub

11th January 2019

"Behind this veil is the simple fact that often, price is the result of emotion, more so than many professionals would care to admit" #price #value #markets #walkerwayland #valuations

Price does not always equal value. A simple concept, widely accepted, yet broadly ignored.

4th December 2018

"In the 2000s, there were rumors that Oracle, Microsoft, and, yes, IBM might acquire Red Hat. Nothing came of these stories. Today is a different story". #technology

IBM to acquire Red Hat for $34 billion | ZDNet

1st November 2018

"A robust shareholders agreement is important for the governance of a company, but also ensures there is a framework in place to incentivise positive contributions from stakeholders".

Sharing The Glory - SME’s and Shareholder Agreements (Part 1)

23rd October 2018